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2024-02-09: TCCLA no longer has any physical locations for its clinics. TCCLA will restructure how to serve you better. Meanwhile, feel free to email us: Stay tuned!

About Us



Serving the poor, disabled and homeless by offering legal advice, limited assistance and spiritual counsel as well as referrals to Christian and other agencies in order to help individuals and their families become free of legal entanglements and become reconciled with God.

How We Operate

We are focused on serving those making 150% of the federal poverty guidelines or less. TCCLA primarily provides free advice on a one-time basis and referrals to attorneys that may be able to provide further assistance.

To find a walk-in time or to schedule an appointment, please see our legal clinic schedule.

Christian Identity

TCCLA is an independent 501(c)3 Christian organization, committed to reflecting the values of Jesus Christ and the historic teachings of the church. Each of our board members and volunteers sign a statement of faith.

Because of our Christian faith, we seek to maintain an atmosphere of love and respect for all people regardless of race, color, ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status. TCCLA does so out of a commitment to the rule of law and the tenets of the Christian faith.

We are committed to serving everyone who calls the Twin Cities home, regardless of faith.


TCCLA was started in 2000 at Metro Hope Recovery Center in Minneapolis with the help of the Christian Legal Society of Minnesota. It then expanded to serve clients at three Twin Cities’ locations.


We have worked with organizations such as Christian Legal Society of Minnesota, Union Gospel Mission, Metro Hope Recovery Ministries and numerous other churches and ministries that partner with us to provide hope and legal aid to those in need.

Officers and Board Members

Paul Baertschi
Glen A. Norton
Board Member
John Rock
Board Member
Richard Krambeer
Board Member
Kofi Motzka
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